Pain In Toes And Fingers

Toes and fingers pain is a very important subject cause it might be an indication for a serious disease that’s why you have to be aware and diagnosed right, unless you have a condition that is know for its affect on fingers and toes such as:

Smoking may lessen the oxygen levels in your blood and may also narrow the veins that carries the blood to the rest of the body, therefore you might experience pain in toes and fingers since those are the last stations in the body the blood should arrive to, so if you are smoking and started developing that kind of pain you have to start acting towards quitting smoking because that means it started affecting your body negatively that may end up in blocked vein and many other health problems.


-old age:

The muscles is attached to bones with what is called tendons with aging we tend to lose our flexibility including our tendons flexibility which leads to stiffness and less mobility concerning joints that will eventually cause you pain wherever there is joint, it may occur mostly in your fingers because we tend to use our hands the most during our daily routines and if you want to know about this, please read more information here.

And it could be one of these diseases.



Arthritis has a 100 different types so you must check with your doctor which type of arthritis do you have it could be anything from Psoriatic to rheumatoid,

Arthritis is an inflammation that targets your joints it could be any joint in your body from big joints like hips to small joints like fingers and toes joints, so if you are experiencing pain in toes and fingers so there would be a great chance that you have some type of arthritis.

Arthritis symptoms is very obvious it includes pain, stiffness and sometimes swelling due to the act of the immune system trying to fight against the inflammation, some cases there skin gets reddish around the joints.


Pain in toes and fingers could also be a symptom of a nerve infection that needs immediate care and attention not to lead to other complications.



Is a bacterial disease that attacks your body it may appear in your fingers and toes on a form of painful reddish spots, it is caused by a certain bacteria and it is highly contagious.


-Raynaud’s Disease:

Is a syndrome caused by lack of blood flow to the fingers and toes due to malfunction or disorder in your blood vessels that appears once you are exposed to cold atmosphere, so if you have that syndrome don not panic it could be treated easily just you need to check with your doctor as well there’s some jobs or workplaces may cause you Raynaud’s Disease if you have that disorder in your blood vessels, it will not only cause you pain in toes and fingers but may as well change the colour of your skin that is located on your fingers and toes tips.


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