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Pain In The Fingers

The pain that affects the fingers either is a symptom or a case by itself due to an injury, overuse, trauma, obesity, smoking, or poor calcium supply, so you don’t have to panic if it is one of these reasons, but if it’s nothing of these reasons and so it may be a symptom of one of the following diseases:

Here are the most common diseases that cause pain in the fingers:


is either the lack of insulin production in the body or the cells doesn’t react to the insulin and absorb it because when we eat the sugar in the food transforms into glucose which is the main source of energy for the body  then the insulin takes that glucose and transfer it through the blood to the cells and here comes the diabetes when there’s a malfunction in that process comes the complications of the diabetes which is foot skin and eye complications also it may cause high blood pressure pain and specially pain in the foot and pain in fingers, diabetes is divided into 2 types,

 type 1: and it mostly occurs to people under the age of 40 and children, and it happens because the insulin is not produced in the first place.

Type 2: it mostly occurs to people who are above 40 and it happens due to shortage in insulin production or because the cells doesn’t accept it the insulin in.


One of the main reasons for the pain in fingers joints, it is an Inflammation that affects the mainly the joints but there’s hundreds of types of arthritis that affects the bones, the tendons the cartilages, and the ligaments.

It leaves a painful feeling around the joints because of the degradation that may happen to the bones or the swollen that may happen to the joints which causes a pressure on the surrounding nerves.

It mainly attacks the hand give a pain in the fingers and the joints.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

Is a disease that affects the hand and it causes numbness in the hands, pain in the fingers, and it may develop to total nerve damage because the main nerve in the hand which is called the median nerve is being pushed due to wrong movements, repeated movements, mechanical movements, obesity or smoking, carpal tunnel syndrome could be easily avoided by watching your daily routine because things like knitting typing sorting nor even driving could lead to it, smoking could lead to it and could lead straight to pain in the fingers, watching your diet and calcium intake may prevent it, and also it could be treated very simply in the first phase, by stretching exercises, stretch your finger from time to another, soak it in hot water for 5 minutes, rest it in hand splint the whole night.

But if it left with out care it may develop to a nerve damage causing a severe pain in the fingers and the whole hand and may require surgery.


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